Straight from the heart of Sudan emerges 23-year-old up-and-coming rapper, singer and songwriter Mvndila who bends genres and sounds to produce heartfelt testimonies about the emotional toll of being a young man in a modern-day Sudan - navigating the good, the bad and everything in between.

Growing up between Sudan and Saudi Arabia, Mvndila’s influences include the classical Haqeeba sound as well as the modern day raging Hip-Hop sound of Sudan.

On July 14th, the artist released his debut EP ‘HYDR’ which was recorded entirely in Sudan, with production taking place between Sudan, Egypt, UAE and Malaysia. The five-track strong EP comes with heavyweight production credits boasting names such like‘77, Sammany, Swish, Khayyat, and MarwanOnTheMoon, covering topics like depression, love and codependency, identity and life as a creature of the night.

Recorded and produced over the span of a year with mixing and mastering taking place in Egypt's Cave Studios, the time taken into nurturing this project is vividly and sonically evident in the music. From the mellow alternative R&B ‘Intro’ and ‘Sxcbnda’, to the powerful drums and delivery of ‘Cinderella’ or the R&B-Afro fusion of ‘Bako’, a flurry of emotions and sounds, as well as an intimate look into Mvndila's life, serves as the glue that holds this project together.