Lebanese DJ and producer Liliane Chehla is a prominent figure in Lebanon's independent electronic music scene. Her latest album, titled ‘Anatomy of a Jerk’, arrives on the Infinite Machine label and continues Chehla's experimental exploration of various electronic genres and sounds. The album is a sonic improvisation that creates surprising and rhythmic soundscapes.

The album opens with the unsettling intro track ‘Bison’, where Chehla masterfully blends a variety of densely layered sound elements. This composition is filled with glitchy effects and rough synth textures, generating a sense of unease and tension. The pounding drum beats add to this atmosphere, creating a surreal, almost chaotic environment. Despite the apparent disorder, the sounds are arranged into rhythmic compositions that, while distorted, maintain a sense of organization.

This chaotic state transitions to a calmer atmosphere in the next track, ‘Bza2’, where strings take center stage. These strings weave in and out, creating a dynamic ebb and flow that, while more subdued, still retains the underlying sense of unease. The unsettling atmosphere lingers, but it is now tempered by the smoother, more harmonious presence of the strings.

In tracks like ‘Ouverture’, the composition shifts further towards tranquility, relying on melodic phrases and gentler elements. These tracks offer a moment of respite amidst the tension, using softer sounds and more structured melodies to create a peaceful interlude.

‘Anatomy of a Jerk’ navigates a nuanced sonic journey that blends elements of chaos and tranquility. Through skillful manipulation of synth patterns and thoughtful transitions between heavily-percussive elements and melodic interludes, each track unfolds with a deliberate tone that contributes to the overall sound of the album. The compositions are marked by their meticulous arrangement, from haunting strings and cinematic drums to glitchy textures that create an atmospheric soundscape, underscoring Chehla's ability to craft a compelling and contemplative sonic narrative.