Moroccan rising rapper Dina Ayada's extended 8-track EP, 'The Script', arrives on the heels of her successful project, 'Superstar!'. This EP explores themes of personal growth and self-discovery, featuring vulnerable songwriting that delves into personal relationships. Ayada describes the concept as waking up and flipping the script daily, striving to break free and live in the present.

The EP showcases diverse production from various producers, with Chuki Beats prominently featured on seven tracks. This variety supports Ayada's experimentation with different sounds and styles. Notable tracks include 'There's A Way', featuring R&B artist KayCyy, 'I See It', and 'Lovesick.' These tracks highlight Ayada's melodic flow and her ability to balance singing with well-crafted rap verses.

On songs like 'Hummer' and 'Starlight', Ayada's melodic performance stands out, while her rapping maintains a high standard throughout the EP. This blend of singing and rapping underscores her versatility.

Ayada's growing presence in the western hip-hop scene is evident, with co-signs from Kanye West, Playboi Carti, and Burna Boy, and a supporting role on Gunna's tour. 'The Script' reflects her artistic growth and her capability to navigate various styles within the genre.

'The Script' is a cohesive EP that captures Dina Ayada's evolution as an artist, offering a mix of introspective lyrics, diverse production, and a balance between melodic and rap elements.