‘Late at Night’ is London-based Scottish-Lebanese artist Salwa’s debut album where she puts forward six catchy, sparkling pop tracks that speak to her inventiveness.

In this album, Salwa combines elements from genres such as pop, dubstep, indie-rock, and electronica in a way that doesn’t borrow too much from these styles. This enables her to maintain the album’s overarching pop sound, while subtly incorporating her range of musical influences.

Overall, the album stands out with its twinkly sonics, upbeat rhythms, and elaborate chord progressions that lend the release a story-telling quality.

In the album, Salwa takes us through a rich and varied sonic palette, as tracks such as ‘Oh! Lover’ channel an optimistic outlook through bright chord progressions and punchy drums. Elsewhere, Salwa shows a more nuanced mix of emotions, such as on the playful, yet taunting track ‘Coconut’. But she is also not afraid to show vulnerability, heard clearly on the more intimate tracks on the album such as ‘Howling Hiram’.

Listen to Salwa’s ‘Late At Night’ here: