From Berlin basements to Ibiza and Marrakech sun-soaked beaches, the Kloud trio, composed of electronic music producers and DJs André, aka &ME, Rampa, and Adam Port, have graced global stages in over 60 countries, becoming a massive commercial success. With an extensive discography boasting over 65 EPs, and two albums, with multiple eclectic remixes, the now uber-famous electronic group have built up a reputation for themselves, carving out a unique brand in the global clubbing scene with their creative cosmos. 

Keinmusik’s infamous sets, featuring a colossal cloud, suspended above the DJ booth, deliver soundscapes infused with percussive tribal music and lush melodies, from a wide range of genres including hip-hop, electronica, and afrobeat. Over the past few years, snippets of their iconic sets have been going viral on Instagram and Tiktok, featuring remixes of famous Arabic pop tracks like Amr Diab’s ‘Wla Ala Balo’, and Fierro’s ‘Yababa’. 

In light of Keinemusik’s highly anticipated Egypt debut, at the Giza Pyramids on April 19th, we have compiled a list of Cloud’s most memorable live shows across the globe to give you a glimpse of what you are in for.

Tickets for Keinemusik’s Pyramids event are available here.

Ibiza, Spain Yababa - Tunisian Mix Pablo Fierro

Marrakech, Morocco  Unreleased Track - Adam Port & Chris IDH

Beirut, Lebanon  Yababa - Tunisian Mix Pablo Fierro

Tulum, Mexico  Les Gout - Rampa & Chuala 

Beirut, Lebanon  Wala Ala Baloo - Amr Diab (Misty & Alan Dixon Edit) 

St. Antoni, Spain Money Trees - Duke & Jones (Pama Edit) 

Bali, Indonesia  Soso - Omah Lay (Joseph Remix)

Paris, France  Gorah - Emmanuel Jal & Nitfreak (Extended Mix)

Jobrug, South Africa  Zakes Bantwini x Kasango - Osama 

Melbourne, Australia Relax My Eyes - ANOTR (MR. Moudz Edit)

Mykonos, Greece  Les Gout - Rampa