Guesthaus is a collective of British DJs and promoters creating off-the-cuff party experiences across the geographically peculiar latitude of Dundee, London and Cairo. Originating from a small basement in Dundee in 2015, Guesthaus has had a penchant for hosting DJs at the more burgeoning stages of their careers before growing to international recognition such as Mall Grab, Identified Patient, Courtesy and Randamor. Over the past couple of years, the crew have migrated their eclectic range of electronic sounds from breakbeat to italo disco south, with Craig Scott and Declan Whyte handling things in Dundee, Stu Gray and Mikey Lawson in London and Grant Loftus heading up Cairo proceedings. Their events are often intimate and take place in unique, vacated, renovated spaces such as their recent Guesthaus HQ party on a rooftop overlooking the Wadi Degla protectorate in Cairo.

Since the Corona pandemic began, Guesthaus have been keeping the party going (from home) through a new mix series. The most recent mix comes courtesy of Paris-based Egyptian, Assyouti, who made his Cairo debut at SceneNoise’s Fresh Meat in January with an explosive cocktail of broken beats, electro and fast paced techno. Hear more of the same from his Guesthaus mix below

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