For the past couple years, the Egyptian electronic music scene has been expanding at a swift rate. Each season, new promoters arise, venues open and DJs emerge, joining the hedonistic “underground” community. In this ever-growing scene, a fresh night that goes by the name “Origins” promises “an immersive, otherworldly entertainment experience tailored to excite and amaze with mammoth productions, top international artists, extravagant performances and bold themes,” according to their Facebook event. 

The event series will launch next weekend on the 19th of January, at the Nile City Towers’ 1925 venue. The venue has of late been hosting different parties where they were able to maintain the “dark club” vibe, so it will be interesting to see how the place will look with the sun up, especially with Origins’ promised production.

Origins will take place on one Friday each month starting from 3pm, in order for party goers to enjoy the sun and have a clear view overlooking the Nile. The headliner at this weekend’s Origins will be one of the most well rounded figures in the electronic music scene: DJ, producer and label honcho, the talented Anja Schneider. She co-founded the label Mobilee, which has established a roster of well known producers and DJs including Pan Pot, Sebo K and Rodriguez Jr. In their early days, the label also released music from some of the current household names in the industry such as Solomun, Maya Jane Coles and Nicole Moudaber. Last year, Schneider left the label to start a project that was closer to her heart, Sous Records. 
One of the partners of the night, Ahmed Meligy tells us that "Origins is where we have placed all our focus on creating a production and an atmosphere that takes people out of this world, detached from their surroundings and to be immersed in a fantasy." 

"Our main aim is to host major artists and build a massive show to make an experience which caters to different needs, whether someone is there for the music or just out to have fun.” Origins' co-founder Coco Mokhtar explains. Coco Mokhtar and Ahmed Meligy are partnering up with one of Egypt's leading DJs and promoters, Ahmed Abou Samra, forming a team that will be able to live up to the standards of the grandiose fiesta they've promised.

The visuals will be handled by fresh VJ Hannah Patten, known for her avant-garde projections; which will definitely add to the immersive experience the promoters have promised. 

Local veterans Aly B and Baher will be setting the tone for the day, and as the sun goes down, tech house queen Anja Schneider will take us on one of her hypnotic and ecstatic voyages. 

A crowd favorite, Aly B is known to curate a diverse collection of sounds, swimming through different waves of genres like a smooth sailing catamaran. A staple in Egypt's underground scene, bad boy Baher will channel the crowd towards his raw and gritty interpretation of house. But girls, as much as you love to stare into the DJ’s third eye, we’re warning you that “if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee”; so don’t complain if they invite you to their jacuzzi party - just comply. 

For reservations call them on +201029688030 and beware, early birds are limited!

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