After listening to Gahallah play in a few after parties, we asked him to make his debut in the third edition of our Noise Sessions, where he headlined. You don’t see many DJs play their first set at a slot like this, but he didn’t disappoint, tearing down the roof with his straightforward beats. People were literally jumping up and down so hard that we had to ask them to cool it, as they were messing up our live stream.

For this episode of Select, the fresh DJ once again impressed us with a raw and energetic set that takes a smooth tour through straight up breaks, acid house and house that was leaning on a joyful rendition of drum and bass, minus the growling bass lines.  

In this set you will find tunes from Andras Fox, Luca Lozano and Glenn Underground with an introduction from Maya Angelou.

*Listen right to the very the end, it’ll be worth it.