Palestine’s Radio Al Hara has announced an ambitious three day “anti-colonial, anti-racist worldwide protest,” in light of Israel's plans to expand its annex into the West Bank and other parts of Palestine. Fil Mishmish is set to bring together artists from Palestine and beyond for an epic 72-hour audio stream that's unlike anything we've seen in the region since the industry made a Corona-induced shift to live-streaming

Starting at 8AM (Bethlehem time) on Wednesday July 8th, and continuing non-stop till noon on Saturday July 11th, the virtual event aims to “unite the struggle against injustice and occupation, while acknowledging the specificity of each case." The name is derived from an Arabic saying meaning ‘in the time of the apricots’ or ‘when the apricots bloom’, which taken non-literally means the equivalent of the English phrases, ‘wishful thinking’ or ‘when pigs fly’.

An audio-only stream, Fil Mishmish will feature takeovers from "artists and radio stations that want to express solidarity" with the cause. The packed lineup features some of the Middle East's most renowned musical voices, both established and up-and-coming. Deena Abdelwahed, Abdullah Miniawy, Onsy, Thoom, as well as many other voices both local and in diaspora are set to contribute to the radio broadcast.

While predominantly featuring MENA artists, a number of foreign contributors are set to join the lineup, with July 10th being a particular highlight, featuring segments by Ben UFO, Mykki Blanco and Nicolas Jaar. Tune in via Radio Al Hara's website.

In the meantime, check out or interview feature  on Radio Al Hara from earlier this year.