Youssef Abouzeid has been one of the mainstays of Egypt’s experimental and rock scenes for nearly a decade now, both as part of groundbreaking outfit PanSTARRS and as a solo artist. As co-founder of Cairo/detroit label Hizz, Abouzeid has been instrumental in building many underground bridges between Egypt and the rest of the musical world.

Released a little over a year ago on Russian alt-rock/experimental label Tawpot, Abouzeid’s album Ayam Soda was a distorted, introspective dive into Abouzeid’s inner world that shifted from moments of extreme tension to glimpses of blissful melancholia. Though some time has passed since the release of Ayam Soda, this new video provides the perfect opportunity to dive back into his work.

The dimly lit, somewhat disturbing video features art direction and performance by Bana Kabalan, a Florida based artist and ecology student, who teamed up with videographer Gisel McDaniel in order to bring life to Abouzeid’s music.

Drenched in smoke and bathed in an ominous red light, the video for ‘One Rego Ra7et’ sees Kabalan draped in elaborate, grotesque costume, writhing unnaturally as if emerging from the depths of some David Lynch body horror flick.

McDaniels intentionally jittery camerawork suits Kabalan’s choreography perfectly, generating a tangible aura of paranoia and anxiety that perfectly melds with Abouzeid’s moody, depressive, and off-center instrumentation.

Stream AYAM SODA in full below:-