Tunisian artists Ghali and Ratchopper perform a medley of ‘Italiano Vero’, seamlessly blending Italian and Arabic lyrics, during the 74th edition of the Sanremo Music Festival 2024. 

Dressed in a classic black-on-black look with a silk cap cascading off his shoulders, the Italian-Tunisian rapper Ghali delivered a soulful performance, starting with a piece in Arabic titled ‘Bayna’, the opening track for his 2022 album ‘Sensazione Ultra’. Against the backdrop of soul-stirring violins, Tunisian producer, sound engineer and composer Souhayl Guesmi, aka Ratchopper, joined Ghali with a cover of Toto Cutugno’s ‘Italiano Vero’.

The festival also saw Ghali take to the stage with a heartfelt performance of ‘Casa Mia’, after which he used his platform to call for an end to the genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Watch the full video here: