Gammarth, the most bustling nightlife district in Tunis, will soon play host to the first edition of ‘Syndicate of Love’, a party that will see some of the scene’s hottest DJs and artists take over the turntables including Neapolitan band Nu Genea and Antal, the co-founder of one of Amsterdam’s most celebrated record shops, Rush Hour.

Taking place on September 9th at Wax Bar, the newest kid in the Tunis nightlife scene, the event will also see a number of celebrated Tunisian artists like Cheb Mimo, Khemir, Hamdi Ryder and Lil Jack.

The party’s music will spotlight Tunisia’s deep and rich melodic history, being at the crossroads of Mediterranean and North African culture, with Nu Genea’s ney-infused and Tunisian-sung ‘Gelbi’ serving as the event’s anthem.

‘Syndicate of Love’ is a new series of events that was just founded in 2023 by Yassine Hamar, Hamdi Toukabri and Yacine Fertani. Following from previous projects like ‘Downtown Vibes’, Tunisia’s first record store, ‘Eddisco Records’, a Tunis-based independent record label, and ‘The Calling and Pleasure Dome’ party series in Paris, this latest concept is focused on inspiring positive social and cultural interaction in Tunisia.