A star-studded 'Artists for Aid' benefit concert is set to illuminate New Jersey’s Newark Symphony Hall on January 4th, 2024, showcasing solidarity for the plight of Palestinian and Sudanese peoples.

The event will feature Palestinian writer and activist Mohammed el-Kurd and Sudanese-Canadian poet Mustafa, alongside British rapper Stormzy, Canadian singer-songwriter Daniel Caesar and American rapper 070 Shake. Also making appearances will be American singers Omar Apollo and 6LACK, as well as Egyptian-American comedian and actor Ramy Youssef.

“We worked tirelessly to bring this to you, but our fatigue is not even a splinter of what we’ll be singing for. In the last few years I visited both my homeland, Sudan, and Palestine,” Mustafa, who organised the event, wrote on Instagram. “My visit to both had a principal intention, to connect with artist communities, with young organisers- for parallels of sorrow and hope and faith. The violence in both nations seized the dream. Here it is revived for me in some way. The intention remains, on this evening we give our voices to make room for theirs.”

The concert's central aim is to extend essential aid and support to Sudan and Gaza, regions grappling with prolonged suffering. Mustafa announced that 100% of the proceeds from the concert will be channelled directly to Human Concern International, an organisation with a longstanding history of providing humanitarian assistance to both Sudan and Gaza.