We hate to see the summer go, but love to see that Spotify’s official 2023 Songs of Summer are finally here!

To bid everyone’s favourite season goodbye, Spotify has rounded up the top 10 streamed Khaleeji songs this summer in Saudi Arabia. Topping the list is none other than the hit song ‘Yabn Elawadem’ by Saudi legend Abdul Majeed Abdullah. Coming in close second on the list is the heartbreak anthem ‘Da Elly 7sal’ by Spotify’s July EQUAL Arabia Ambassador Balqees, followed by ‘Badeit Ateeb’ by Majid Al Mohandis, rounding out the top three.

Here is the full list of Saudi’s top streamed songs of summer 2023:

  • 1. ‘Yabn Elawadem’ - Abdul Majeed Abdullah
  • 2. ‘Da Elly 7sal’ - Balqees
  • 3. ‘Badeit Ateeb’ - Majid Al Mohandis
  • 4. ‘Tetnafasek Denyaay’ - Abdul Majeed Abdullah
  • 5. ‘Wafer Al Aathar’ - Ferqat Abnaa Al Mazaree’ Al Harbeya
  • 6. ‘Alfeen Bab’ - Oumaima Taleb
  • 7. ‘Qalt Habiby’ - Ayman Qusailah
  • 8. ‘Mezlaaj’ - Oumaima Taleb
  • 9. ‘Eyounak’ - Abadi Al Johar
  • 10. ‘Shokran’ - Ibraheem Alsultan

If these aren’t already on your On Repeat playlist, we can’t understand why. Make sure to give these top 10 Khaleeji songs a listen to get that nostalgic feeling of summer back.