Saudi pop sensation Mishaal Tamer, who started music at nine years old, plucking his guitar for physiotherapy to heal his broken arm, has just made his global breakthrough as a solo artist, headlining his first concert in London over the weekend. 

In the Camden Assembly, minutes before the rising artist took to the stage for his London debut, we sat down with Tamer to discuss the significance of this moment in his musical career and the difference between performing in Europe and Saudi Arabia. In a somewhat electrifying aura, where bright and colourful lights washed over the crowded room, the energy of the audience was palpable.

Mishaal kicked off the one-night show with his hit song ‘Disco Cowboy’, off his EP ‘The Deep’, causing a frenzy with his powerful vocals and signature broken-electric oud sound. He then performed the entirety of his demo album, ‘Life’s a Ride’, and treated us to a couple of unreleased tracks from his upcoming debut album, ‘Home is Changing’, which is due for release very soon.