Egyptian songwriter and singer Maii Waleed has released a new EP, ‘Nemow’, bringing an indie soft rock sound characterized by chill, acoustic-driven instrumentals over three tracks.

The opening track, 'Hawa,' introduces the EP with soothing melodies and gentle instrumentation, setting a relaxed tone. The title track, 'Nemow,' maintains a cohesive sound with its reflective acoustic arrangement and poignant songwriting. The final track, 'Sama,' stands out by incorporating jazz elements, including trumpet sections, which add a distinct layer to the overall sound and provide a fresh twist to the EP's musical narrative. Each track flows naturally into the next, creating a unified soundscape that highlights Waleed's style and vocal presence.

Maii Waleed is renowned for her work in the alternative music scene, including her collaboration with producer Zeid Hamdan in the project Zeid and Maii. With ‘Nemow’, Waleed continues to explore and blend various musical styles both in her solo works and collaborative projects.