"As I hope all of you are aware, the people of Gaza have been undergoing a brutal genocide for the past six months. And the people of Palestine have been undergoing a brutal occupation for the past 75 years," Palestinian artist Saint Levant opened his Coachella performance yesterday, April 14th, with this statement.

Amidst a crowd adorned with keffiyehs and the Palestinian flag the artist directed attention to the ongoing genocide in Gaza. He also hosted a live-streamed performance from Gaza featuring two local Palestinian singers. Together, they performed the iconic Arabic song ‘Sawf Nabqa Huna’, originally written by Libyan writer, doctor, and former political prisoner Adel Al-Mushetty, which serves as a symbol of resistance against Zionist aggression for Palestinians across the Gaza Strip.

Saint Levant also debuted an unreleased track titled ‘Deira’, named after a hotel constructed by his father in Gaza. The hotel was bombed three months ago by Israeli Occupation Forces.