Downtown Cairo’s Cocoon Cultural Centre has been a vital arts and culture hub ever since it opened, hosting numerous audio, visual, dance, and editorial courses along with events, showcases, and performances as well. Their latest audio course brings in one of Egypt’s most exciting producers, 200Shams, to teach the upcoming new generation of music producers.

The course runs across seven weeks, starting September 23rd till November 4th, every Friday from 3PM till 7PM. You would be required to have your own laptop with Ableton installed with a pair of headphones. You will be taught the essentials of music production; rhythm, melodies, harmonies, arrangement, mixing, mastering, recording, composition, synthesis, sampling, tuning, sound design, and how to finalize a song, simple things. At the end of the workshop, Cocoon will be hosting a listening party for students to showcase their final projects.

Hurry up and book your slot now, an unmissable experience with 200Shams himself. Visit or CoocoonCultureEG on Instagram for reservations.