Iranian-Dutch singer Sevdaliza has announced the release of an AI voice model called Dahlia - the first to be created in collaboration with Myvox, a music creation platform.

Housed in a physical robot made of silicone, metal and plastic, Dahlia was formed out of Sevdaliza’s own interest in using AI for music. The model will incorporate Sevdaliza’s voice to create a unique sound for Dahlia. The news of Dahlia’s release follows that of the artist Grimes, who is also experimenting with AI-generated music. Like Grimes, Sevdaliza will receive 50% of all royalties generated by the AI creation.

Myvox is a platform that aims to create a space for artists to experiment with their own vocal models as well as control the licensing of their creations.

Myvox has advocated for the updating of copyright laws to come in line with advancements in AI-generated music in order to safeguard intellectual property. The development of AI-generated music has spurred debate in the music industry, with artists like Drake denouncing the idea of robots using his vocals. Dahlia was officially launched on August 14th, with its first track due to be released on August 24th.