Berlin-based bar, cafe, and studio 'LA. Berlin' is back with its 3rd edition of ‘Al.Festival’, at Berlin’s hypnotic venue ‘Kreuzberg Fetsaal’ on October 14th. The event encompasses three different stages hosting a slew of renowned WANA-based musicians, performers and visual artists in a day-long immersive celebration of contemporary art.

This year’s musical curation is rich in diversity alternating between different genres and musical styles from electro, roots, psychedelica and hip hop. Ultimately uniting music enthusiasts from all sides of the spectrum in an intangible not-to-be forgotten experience. Including a lineup that encapsulates a plethora of musical talents, the likes of, Plastenian DJ Sama Abdulhadi, Western Sahra Blues, legendary Moroccan Artist Oum and acclaimed Algerian songstress Aziza Brahim.