Unrelenting, witty and emotionally intelligent, 21-year-old rapper Moscow - the mastermind behind ‘Marka Dawly’, ‘Kaptain’ and ‘Mesh Shayef’ - tore beneath the tightly-weaved seams of the industry, and birthed a sound that not only serves to self-actualise him but also profoundly encompass the emotions of listeners. With heartfelt ballads, unrelenting flow and class punchlines, the artist found fame subsequent to releasing his first official track ‘OUDAS’. 

Tackling his personal lived experiences, Moscow rose to internet stardom as a result of his raw and honest depictions of the tumultuous life, and in turn upbringing, he led in Giza. His career is - and quite overtly so - tethered to a sentiment that solidified him as a force to be reckoned with in 2019. In a staggering statement, Moscow claimed a year before he would officially conquer the continent; challenging not only his own artistic endeavors in the process but the entire industry. Whilst upholding such a strong assertion would send shivers down anyone’s spine, Moscow took his words in stride and ultimately became one of the region’s most prominent voices.


In this SceneNoise exclusive documentary, senior writer Heba Radi gets up close and personal with the artist, deep diving into his role in the regional rap scene, his songwriting process, how Giza shaped him, and what the future looks like for his music and personhood.