Deep in the crevices of the Jordanian desert, sands tremble in anticipation of a music festival more comparable to a spiritual experience than it is to a series of parties. ‘Rum Rocks’ is an indie music festival that’s taking over southern Jordan’s Wadi Rum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site notorious for its sandy charm, on September 21st and the 22nd.

Like one of Dune’s sandworms (albeit one that encourages you to walk WITH rhythm), Rum Rocks is expected to awaken a type of bewitchment attainable only when the beloved indie tunes of regional icons Akher Zapheer, Autostrad, Bedouin Burger and more bounce off its brick red sandstone clefts. Joined by Octave Band and Rum Musical Group, and led by Tareq Al Nasser, Rum Rocks’ line-up is one destined to foster a transformative trance.

Book your tickets for either night by visiting the Etathkara website.