Egyptian band Al Masreyeen's 70s pop hits make a return to the spotlight in the latest Watchit series, 'Hala Khasa'. Released just two weeks ago, the mini-series boasts an original score crafted by Hany Shenouda, the visionary founder of the band. Leading the cast is Taha Desouky, portraying Nadeem, an aspiring lawyer on the autism spectrum and the band's self-proclaimed biggest fan.

Throughout the series, we witness Nadeem immersing himself in Al Masreyeen's nostalgic tunes, featuring hits like 'Lama Kan El Bahr Azraa', 'Hezeny' and 'Awqat Ashouf Malamhak'. Nadeem's connection to the band traces back to his late mother, who first introduced him to their music. In a seamlessly integrated easter egg moment during episode three, Nadeem shares the band's history at a dinner, paying homage to the series composer, Shenouda.

Regarded as Egypt's first musical ensemble, Al Masreyeen revolutionised the landscape of the 'modern Egyptian song'. Breaking away from the norm of bands covering Western hits, they were the first Egyptian pop band to infuse contemporary elements into Egyptian music. Transitioning from monophonic to polyphonic compositions, coupled with the lyrics of esteemed poet Salah Jaheen, the band became an instant sensation. With six albums and over 50 songs that transcended then-clichéd love themes and breakup ballads, Al Masreyeen altered the course of modern Egyptian music.

Shenouda's original compositions for the series seamlessly meld into Al Masreyeen's distinctive musical identity, infusing a contemporary flair with beats that effortlessly complement the show's lighthearted comedic plot. With four episodes out so far, the music emerges as a defining element of the series, capturing the band's nostalgic essence throughout the catchy intro theme and the series’ pivotal scenes.