After having been due to host their first Marrakech ‘SYSTEM’ session in three years, the Boiler Room has postponed the event indefinitely in light of the devastating news of an earthquake in Morocco. The earthquake has been the strongest to hit the nation in over 60 years, and has caused nearly 5,000 casualties.

In solidarity with the people of Marrakech, Boiler Room has released an exclusive t-shirt design to raise funds for affected Moroccans. Designed by Moroccan artists Ismail Elaaddioui and Yazid Bezaz, the t-shirt features a well-suited red-and-green Amour-kech design. Its sale profits will be going directly to the Human Appeal’s Morocco Emergency Fund to supply food, water and medical supplies to people on-ground.

The t-shirt is available for purchase for £40 via until September 17th. You can use the code ‘MOROCCO’ at checkout for free delivery worldwide.