Cairene rapper Begad unveils his sophomore album, "Welad El 7ara," a reflection on his personal journey. He offers a conscious commentary on his formative environment, Cairo, while simultaneously contemplating the challenges faced by young adults in his community.

While previously known for blending drill and mahraganat, often adopting a braggadocious style, Begad delivers a heartfelt performance. His lyrics delve into various aspects of his neighborhood: the community itself, the yearning for a better life beyond their borders, and heartfelt tributes to his mother and family.

The album maintains a cohesive narrative as Begad's songwriting explores diverse themes, including his family, friends, and the pursuit of financial stability. Collaborations with producers like Tayab, Draconic, and Karam create a serene backdrop that complements his contemplative lyrics and introspective approach. Throughout ‘Welad El 7ara’ Begad showcases his evolution as an artist and songwriter, emerging as a more mature and cohesive presence.