Paris-based Algerian rapper Toufik Bouhraoua, aka TIF, dedicates his debut performance on COLORSXSTUDIO to Palestine, where he delivered an immaculate acoustic-led rendition of an unreleased track, titled ‘Nothing Personal’.

Against a retro cadmium orange backdrop, TIF brought his unique mixture of rap, Andalusian music and traditional Algerian tunes, effortlessly delivering catchy melodic verses in French. Raw, touching with a splash of hope, TIF beautifully contrasted emotive lyricism with infectious rhythms of North African percussion. ‘This one is for all my brothers and sisters in Palestine’, the Algerian artist signed off the performance with this statement.

TIF’s musical career started in 2019 with the bittersweet track ‘3inya’. He has since captivated hearts of regional and global audiences with his introspective music, which explores themes of homesickness and exile. His latest album, ‘1.6’, released late 2023, garnered more than 1.6 million streams within a month of its release.

Since its inception in 2016, COLORS’ renowned artist performance series has quickly become a rising powerhouse for music discovery, and a vital part of the global music ecosystem. The series has thrived with its minimalist aesthetics, stripping down the ornamentation and gimmicks, and putting the artistry center-stage with no distractions.

Besides TIF, a slew of talented MENA artists has also previously graced the show’s signature monochromatic room, including Nada El-Shazly, Bu Kulthoum, Zeyne and Saint Levant.

Watch the full performance here: