Renowned Egyptian DJ and producer Misty teams up with London producer Alan Dixon and Glastonbury-based duo Speakman Sound on a new release titled ‘Warm (Feeling)’.

Brought by independent record label Three Six Zero Recordings, the track merges Dixon’s timeless electronic music with Misty’s Egyptian artistry, creating a lush hypnotic fusion of Italo disco and steamy indie vocals. A buoyant dance filler evoking beachside vibes, ‘Warm (Feeling)’ features serpentine weaves of synths, bubbling pads and gurgling dreamy chords.

“The track actually started out as a remix idea for Speakman that was never completed,” Alan Dixon tells SceneNoise. “I stumbled upon the stems of the track, buried on an old drive, during a session with Misty last year… We both liked the sound and started playing with it..and the track quickly took shape.”Over his eight year-long career, Misty has emerged as one of Egypt’s most sought-after DJs and producers, achieving top 10 chart positions on music platforms like Traxsource and Trackitdown. Alan Dixon, a producer and DJ resident at London’s famous club Savage, has long been one of the notable names in the global music scene, drifting under the disco radar with Running Back Records, Permanent Vacation, AEON, Correspondent and more.

Earlier last year, the duo collaborated on a dancefloor remix of Amr Diab’s hit track, ‘Wala Ala Balo’. The remix was an eclectic blend of Egyptian pop and classic house beats that preserved El Hadaba’s poignant vocals and the track’s original rhythmic structure.