Viral trap sensation, Xiety 7, rose to fame recently through his infectiously catchy, absurdist trap anthem, ‘Eslam El Marg’ - a less-than-conventional hit that tossed away all pretension in favor of a humorous take on trap braggadocio.

Now, the fledgling rapper/producer has followed up his surprise hit with the somewhat underwhelming ‘Blshaqloob’ which trades in the confident nonchalance of ‘Eslam El Marg’ for disjointed rhymes and a distinct lack of mainstream appeal.

Underscored by a cacophonous mahraganat beat that doesn’t compliment Xiety 7’s discordant autotuned raps, ‘Blshaqloob’ fails to live up to its predecessor. Whereas ‘Eslam El Marg’ was a brutally self-aware track that didn't take itself too seriously, ‘Blshaqloob’ comes across as trying too hard and lacks that same effortlessness. Here’s hoping he can return to form soon.

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