Released in January on Shabjdeed co-founded, Ramallah-based imprint, BLTNM, ‘Fi Harb’ has received the video it demanded this week, directed by Mohamed Tatawr. An important entry to the annals of both Shabjdeed and BLTNM, the mellow, Al Nather-produced drill track marked a departure from the usual fun and irreverent lyrics, to a piece that makes a rare foray into Palestine’s socio-political situation.

Comprising a hook emphasising the magnitude of the war in Palestine - "Missiles from Gaza are reaching Antarctica" - and verses transmitting its debilitating continuity  -"Experience it once, twice, in Deir as-Sudan, there's a battle - Fi Harb is a reminder of the arduous context from which Shabjdeed, Riyadiyat and his accomplices are producing art.

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