Released at the end of May, Ramey Dawoud’s ‘Pull Me Down’ saw the Sudanese artist draw on the pressures of life and the constant struggle to overcome them. Produced by fellow Black Smoke Collective founder, AK the Producer, the track’s simple, foot-tapping beat was coated with a sort-of melancholy, and featured rapper, Mouraine, and vocalist, SimplyAzza,

Dawoud has teamed up with UAE-based artist, Segigm, for a video that takes on a fittingly simple approach. Against a black background, a consistently quivering line transforms into depictions of the lyrics – some metaphorical, others literal.

The track is the latest in a string of Dawoud/AK collaborations, with the two set expand the scope of their work even further, with the founding of Black Smoke Collective – a community of musicians, artists and other creatives that aims to help emerging talents find mentorship and opportunities.

Check out our in-depth interview with Dawoud and AK on Black Smoke Collective here.

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