Tunisian electronic label, Are You Alien, have followed up it’s late 2020 V/A compilation, Energy Drink Vol.1,  with a new EP from label co-owner, Briki, whose breakbeat heavy tune ‘Call from UFO’ easily served as one of the record’s highlights through it’s deep percussion and infectious vocal hook.

Now, Briki is back with his latest solo EP, Find An Exit, which presents further adventures into the sci-fi inspired, club-centric focus of the label’s previous releases. Starting off with classic electro vibes on ‘Feel Like’, rolling 808 hi-hats and sweeping synth chords form a solid foundation on top of a gritty bassline. Midway through the track, things shift into solid four-to-the-floor territory, a rhythmic turn which continues throughout the rest of the tracks on the EP.

‘Drift’ takes things further down this route, with a bouncy minimal-techno rhythm and acid-like bassline driving up the energy levels alongside sampled vocal chops. ‘Future’ picks up seamlessly from its predecessor, dialing up the grit and aggression while using many of the same compositional elements. Closing off the EP is ‘Satellite’, which stands out as the thumpiest track on the project, keeping things simple in terms of the rhythm section while bringing in delicately arranged percussion and spacey chords to close out the EP on a high note.

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