Shouka is a Tunisian record label dedicated to the growth of electronic and experimental music from the so-called third-world regions, the exploration and reappropriation of cultural heritages and the emergence of new sounds on the dancefloor. Previous artist releases include work from Tunisian composer, Omar Aloulou, as well as pan-arab electronic music collective-cum-multi-disciplinary platform, Arabstazy, who share the same founder with the label, Amine Metani.

Shouka’s latest release, SERA3,  is an 11-track ode to the urban sounds coming out of the Middle East. It's a phenomenal and transportational record that takes listeners through destructive, experimental sounds from Syria, psychedelic trip-hop from Turkey, to spoken-word ambient from Egypt with teeth grinding corrugated textures binding the tracks together.

All proceeds from the album will be donated to Syrian non-profit organisation, Molham Volunteering Team, which provides support to refugees families in Jordan and Turkey, as well as on Syrian borders.

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