With life only now beginning to return to some kind of normality, the concept of a lost summer will strike close for many in the region. For Sudanese R&B songstress, Nadine, her latest track is a much more personally wistful take on the idea.

Featuring Eaz Da Bully - a fellow member of Sudanese collective, The C!rcle – the track is rich, lush slice of sensually melancholic R&B carried by deep, droning bass keys. In terms of overall sound, this a perfect theme of a hot summer’s night, with the heartbreak-centred lyrics finding a perfect backdrop in Ricci’s production.

It’s been a busy few months for Nadine, Eaz Da Bully and the rest of The C!rcle. In June, the group – who are based all across the world – released their debut EP, The C!rcle Vs. The World. Read our review here.

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