Despite being scattered across the globe, the members of Sudanese rap collective, The C!rcle, have come together for new track, ‘Way Back’, which quite literally takes you back to the familiar and somehow comforting sounds of old-school hip-hop.

Nadine El Roubi, G-Salih, Proof, Keyz and Eaz Da Bully are joined by Miami-based Sudanese hip-hop artist, Hoosh, as they ponder independence, a proverbial homecoming and a desire to feel centered. There’s a welcome simplicity to ‘Way Back’, which showcases a smooth, melodic beat and deep bass with which Maryland-based producer, ae beats, provides a stage for the collective to journey down memory lane. The lyrics touch on finding strength in the face of adversity and each artist shows a vulnerability and honesty that only adds more depth to the track. The track’s cover art also plays into a a kind-of wistful nostalgia, showing the pyramids of the ancient Sudanese city of Meroë in the side-view mirror of a car.

The single comes off the back of The C!rcle’s April release, ‘How Did it Come to This’, which touches on similar, weighty themes and January’s trap-leaning ‘Big Facts’.

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