Berlin-based Syrian singer/composer and producer Yousef Kekhia’s 2019 album, Monologue, channeled a unique and heart wrenching post-Syrian civil war experience into a soulful and sincere blend of contemporary Arabic folk and electronica. Now, just a year after the album was successfully crowdfunded, Levantine electronic label, Souq, has announced Monologue [Remixed], a five-track album that features remixed and reworked versions of selections from the original.

The project brings onboard Niklas Paschburg, Hello Psychaleppo, UNDERHER, Ghost Of Christmas and Kekhia himself, with each providing a unique take on songs from Monologue. Appearing alongside the announcement is the first single ‘Faragh (Niklas Paschburg Remix)’ , from the Hamburg/Berlin based producer/DJ. 

Paschburg’s remix maintains Kekhia’s baritone vocal lamentations and expansive ambient soundscapes while adding a soft acoustic piano, light percussive elements and a splash of organic drums, shifting the energy of Kekhia’s original productions while holding true to it’s message and sentiments.

Monologue [Remixed] is set to drop in early January of 2021.

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