Belfast-based Egyptian neo-soul/bedroom-pop lyricist, Dena Anuk$a, has returned with a lush new music video for her sultry and spiritual new song ‘Ancient Naturals’, which released Thursday December 3rd. Amongst a less-than handful of Egyptian female MCs current putting out music, Dena Anuk$a stands alongside (infrequent collaborator) Felukah at the forefront of a relatively low-key movement that favors championing spirituality and health of standard rap-game braggadocio and hyper competitive behavior.

With a smoked-out bounce courtesy of the steady synth-funk beat (reminiscent of early Mac Miller productions, and not unlike her previous October 2020 release ‘Super High’) the instrumental for ‘Ancient Naturals’ perfectly compliments Anuk$a’s whispered, near ASMR-like vocals, helping cultivate a mellow, sensual atmosphere throughout. 

The music video, produced by Tolu Films, features Anuk$a at a variety of vivid locales. Between butterfly-filled verdant gardens, endless coastlines, and jewelry-filled corner stores, Anuk$a eats up the camera, with a confidence and presence that shows the young artist truly coming into her own. Despite some somewhat abstract lyrics that may need a bit of analysis to really get to the heart of, ‘Ancient Naturals’ show a clear step forward for the young performer, hinting at the beginning of a comfortable sonic aesthetic we hope to see continue forwards in her future work.

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