22-year-old London-based Egyptian singer/producer, Yosr, first landed on our radars through her house-tinged, bedroom-pop tune, ‘Keep’, which highlighted her unique voice and sound in the first half of Egyptian future-pop imprint SLOVVDK’s Mixtape II, which dropped in early 2020. 

Recently, Yosr released her latest work, the two-track EP London Archives, marking a departure from the sound of her previous single and stepping into the world of R&B. As her first studio-recorded project, London Archives — produced by Jeonthebuttons, and mastered by Malik El Messiry (who you’ve certainly heard on some works by Felukah) — presents a different side to Yosr than her previous tracks. 

This time around, lush arrangement and a focus on storytelling are brought to the forefront,  with Yosr’s voice being given proper room to breathe amongst Joeonthebuttons’ neo-R&B instrumentals.  Despite being such a brief offering, London Archives displays Yosr’s expanded scope when it comes to songwriting and building choruses, bolstered by cinematic production suited perfectly to the lovesick lyrical subject matter. Though London Archives left us craving more from Yosr and Joeonthebuttons, we’re certain that this is only the beginning of a new wave of output from the young artist.

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