Dubai-based R&B artist, Shébani, has teamed-up with Doha-based producer and fellow singer/songwriter, RoseGld, for smooth and seductive new R&B single, ‘Rosemary Sage’. The powerful female collaboration is – in some ways – reminiscent of late 1990s/early 2000s R&B, with RoseGld’s production boasting a sweet and subtle melody that allowing the vocals - which RoseGld contributes to in the first verse - to take centre stage.

While the lyrics, on first listen, talk of love amidst the Corona-induced isolation, the playful song can also be interpreted as a general attack on how technology has become entangled in matters of the heart. The track also appears meta at points, with Shébani resisting pressure to create during quarantine – in the midst of a piece created during quarantine – and questions whether or not she already sang a line, alluding to that feeling of being all over the place when distracted by a new love. 

Shebani has been making music in London and Dubai for the past three years. She has performed at Sole DXB and opened for British R&B sensation, Jorja Smith, in Dubai in 2019. 

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