“Picture our protagonist at a cafe on the Mediterranean, describing in intimate detail the way his lover makes him feel — likening her presence to the arrival of a poetic verse, or ships carrying memories from afar,” writes Omar Offendum on his new single, the oh so romantic ‘I love You’.

The US-based Syrian rapper and poet’s latest release draws heavy inspiration from the works of legendary poet, Nizar Qabbani, featuring excerpts of his lyrics and a cover inspired by one of his early poetry compilations, designed by Yahala Studio and Hussein Alazaat. 

Returning on the production side of things is longtime collaborator, Thanks Joey, who brings a groovy, Afro-beat influenced beat filled with cheerful synths, flowing melodies, and tropical percussion to create the perfect backdrop to Offendum’s smooth crooning. The best part of the beat by far is the hilarious downpitched “I Love You” vocal sample that hooks you right from the first few seconds.

‘I Love You’ is the second single from Offendum’s upcoming album, Lost in Translation, following July’s empowering anthem, ‘Samra’, in which the artist celebrates Middle Eastern women. Check out the full track here.

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