Following appearances on Radio alHara, as well as on Toumba’s massive Beirut charity compilation Grief Into Rage, the Ammani Duo Arabs With Synthesizers — comprised of producers/composers Basel Naouri and George Rizeq — has debuted their latest single, the soundcloud exclusive ‘Look In The Mirror Baby’.

At over 8-minutes in length, ‘Look In The Mirror Baby’ is quite an extensive listen, blending a number of influences together that grow and meld as the track progresses. The first minute or so dives deep into ambient territory and vaporwave nostalgia through reverb soaked synthesized chords, soaring horn sections, and glassy percussions echoing throughout the background before rumbling, glitched out drums commence the evolution of the track as a somber piano takes over melodic duties alongside classical middle-eastern string sections, 

The final two-minutes or so of ‘Look In The Mirror Baby’ take a firmly darker tone as the glitches become more hurried, and the string sections more strained as the track descends into even more abyssal depths as the downtempo beat really comes into its own, plodding the track forward with each heavy step. 

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