Armenia is a land of deep history and storied musical traditions that date back thousands of years. As escalations continue along the Artsakh (an independently governed country with a primarily Armenian ethnic makeup) and Azerbaijani border, the people of Armenia and Artsakh are in dire need of support from the international community. 

To raise awareness for the people of Armenia and Artsakh, Scene Noise has decided to highlight some of Armenia’s musical heritage through this curated mix, which gathers a selection of classical, jazz, and funk ranging from the 1960s until the modern day.

Full Tracklist:

1) Tigran Hamasyan - Fides Tua

2) John Berberian - Tranquility

3) Adiss Harmandian - Dzaghigner

4) Arno Babajanian - Dreams for Piano and Orchestra

5) Armenian TV & Radio Orchestra - The Sea

6) Konstantin Orbelyan - Dilijan

7) Hamlet Minassian - Al Elnim

8) Konstantin Orbelyan - Vocalise

Please consider donating to the Armenia Fund and the AGBU Artsakh Relief Fund