For his newest release, Egyptian rapper and singer, Batawi, has looked to his homeland for inspiration, from an Egyptian summertime necessity: bateekh, or watermelon.

Well, maybe not quite – watermelon speaks a universal language, afterall. Whatever the inspiration for the name, ‘Watermelon’ is a bouncy, catchy, summery track through-and-through – so much so that it almost demands a flash mob to be choreographed to it.

Produced, mixed and mastered by the man himself, the guitar chords, bass and beat are synced in a simple, straightforward arrangement, allowing the rapper to celebrate life, love and summer. It’s just one of those songs you’ll be humming for days, a seasonably suitable and upbeat piece that doesn’t apologise for being a catchy, singalong track. In the grander scheme of things, it further proves Batawi's versatility as an artist - he can do the rich, moody 'Toronto Sound' style and he can also do a song called 'Watermelon'.

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