Palestinian singer-songwrieter, Ruba Shamshoum, recently announced the release of her second LP Risha alongside the premier of an upbeat new music video ‘Sununu’, which blends lush, tropical-sounding instrumentation with Shamshoum’s joyful vocal stylings and crisp organic percussion.

Alongside primary producer Alev Lenz, ’Sununu’ brings together Nina Harries on the double bass, and Manu Delago on the Hang drum, alongside sound engineers Joe Brown and Tommy Wallwork, and features mixing by John Foyle and mastering by Heba Kadry.

Directed by Joana Lírio, the video features Ruba and dancer Kirubel Belay across a number of verdant landscapes in a romantic game of musical cat-and-mouse.

Check out the full video for Ruba Shamshoum’s ’Sununu’ below:

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