Egyptian producer Ahmed Kubbara is a gear-head through and through. Nestled adjacent to the Pyramids in Al Haram, his studio is jam-packed with an assortment of midi controllers, modular synths, pads, keys, sequencers and many other forms of music-making machinery that paint him as something of a mad scientist.

With keys as his original graft, and jazz as his passion, a stint at music school in the UK opened the doorway to electronic music production. It was his return to Cairo that really went onto shape his musical outlook, however. Inspired by the local rave scene, Kubbara began turning abstract jams into a diverse mix of intricate club bangers and dreamy polyphonic sets, signatures that remain in his sound today.

In the last couple of years, he's worked on various local collaborations including DJing for the likes of rappers Abyusif and Abo El Anwar, and he’s also opened 'Studio Kubbara' to offer audio production services for recording artists and commercial purposes alike.

SceneNoise sat down with Kubbara to discuss his move from avante-garde jazz to 'computer music', the art of beatmaking and his plans for future solo releases.
Stay tuned for our 'Show Me Your Gear' episode with Kubbara as we go in-depth into his studio set up.

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