British-Lebanese singer, songwriter and garage artist, Bklava, has just dropped a soulful, new 2-step garage track, ‘Take Time’, which is strongly inspired by the kind of sound that pushed UK garage into the mainstream in the early 2000s.

Laced with R&B in its chords, the upbeat, dancey track speaks of a moment where the artist finds herself ready for a relationship after years of not being ready – only to find that the person she’s interested doesn’t feel quite ready yet.  The track – produced by UK artist producer Jay Hudson – allows Bklava’s vocals take centerstage, as is typical of 2-step garage, which contributes to its depth and character, as her emotions come through subtly.

Born and raised in South London,  Bklava announced herself to the world in spectacular fashion in 2019 with debut single, ‘CNTRL’,  which was produced by UK garage heavyweight, Wookie.

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