Lebanese rapper and author, Bu Nasser Touffar, has partnered up with Syrian producer, Hello Psychaleppo, for a scathing take on the current situation in Beirut, following the explosion that has left the Lebanese capital in tatters. Released on the day the Lebanese parliament resigned, TAR is an incredibly politically-charged track, detailing Bu Nasser Touffar’s frustrations with the system that ran Beirut directly into the arms of crisis.

While passionate, Bu Nasser’s delivery is a bit too verbose, and is obviously more focused on conveying his anti-establishment message than delivering catchy bars or choruses, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Hello Psychaleppo’s production comes through in all the best off-kilter/wonky ways he is known for, fusing trap drums and percussion with detuned synthesisers, while low-key guitar licks pay subtle tribute to the producers musical heritage. 

‘TAR’ sees Bu Nasser Touffar step further into the role of a political commentator and voice for the unheard in Lebanon which, according to a Facebook post that accompanied the release of the song, is the “least [he] can do.”

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Photo Credit: Mohammed Badra