Jordandian rapper/MC and Immortal Entertainment affiliate, Ahmad Yaseen, aka Satti, aka Al-Hattab (the lumberjack), aka El-Samurai El Sabeaa (The 7th Samurai) - yes, he has a lot of aliases - has dropped the music video for his latest single, the upbeat summer jam ‘Sayyafat’.

The brief just-under three-minute track features a looping animated depiction of Satti vibing at the beach, in the company of a groovy, head-bobbing flamingo (fun fact: flamingos migrate through Jordan every summer). A bright and colorful visualiser, the video for ‘Sayyafat’ perfectly encapsulates the lighthearted nature of the song.

The beat, produced by Nash, draws heavy melodic inspiration from grover Washington Jr’s timeless classic, ‘Just The Two of Us’, interpolating the main motif into an upbeat, guitar-based pop-rap beat that leans closer to a catchy summer Top-40s song than a classic boom-bap. Satti’s raps are anything but dumbed down, though, and even with the upbeat nature of the song, he still comes through with tight flows and a keen ear towards catchy rhymes.

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