Cairene indie rocker Moe Hani, aka Dirty Backseat, has sailed into 2021 with a new music video for his smooth, lo-fi synth-pop tune, ‘River’, marking the first glimpse of his upcoming EP, Pop Heart Aching Songs, which is set to release via Cairene imprint SLOVVDK on January 29th. 

Filmed between expansive desert landscapes, Hani’s gear-packed studio and cosy Cairo record store, Retrograde, marks step up in fidelity for Dirty Backseat. Directed by Asmaa Hesham Selim and produced by Maison THE, it  leaves behind the playful shaky-cam stylings of Hani’s previous music video, ‘Nightmares’, in favour of pristinely shot HD footage and dynamic camerawork, thanks to director of photography, Mafric

Check out the full video below and read more about Hani in: Psycho’s Semantics: Moe Hani on Being a One-man Band, Pushing Progressive Pop & Egypt’s Rock Scene

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