Last time we saw of Shebani on SceneNoise, the Dubai-based artist had teamed up with Qatar-based producer/singer, RoseGld, in April for collaborative track, ‘Rosemary Sage’ – a smooth and seductive number that addressed love amidst the Corona-induced isolation, as well as the, let’s call it, ‘digitisation’ of love in the era of online communications.

This time round, the singer flies solo with an equally smooth and seductive track, but one that celebrates isolation. Produced by Beatbox Ray, ‘Higher’ isn’t a traditional R&B track. The beat leans towards a pop-tinted trip-hop, while languid, reverbed guitars give the track the vibe that the cover art suggests – the peace and tranquillity of being alone in comfort, but somehow also surrounded by a kind-of ethereal infinity. Big words, yes, but everything about the release comes coated in a warm dreaminess, not least Shébani vocals.

“I finally found my sacred space/ Where thoughts are loud. No heartaches allowed to touch me lately,” she sings early on in the song, before the empowering chorus proclaims that, “I'm higher on my own.”

The single is the last one of the year for Shébani, with the artist revealing that she will be taking time off to write new music and hopes to release her debut album next year,

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