Photo: Habib Saleh

Lebanese composer/multi-instrumentalist Bachar Mar-Khalifé recently announced his upcoming album On/Off, which is set to follow up his last project The Water Wheel, a reimagining of the classic album of the same name by legendary Nubian musician Hamza El Din. Earlier this month, Mar-Khalifé dropped a teaser for the upcoming album, alongside the second single ‘Insomnia’.

The frantically edited music video features an intimate, raw take of Mar-Khalifé in his home studio, surrounded by the fluttering LEDs of stacks of musical equipment. Unhinged-closeups and strobe lighting to illustrate the disjointed, sleep-deprived frame of mind Mar-Khalifé finds himself in on ‘Insomnia’, where rapid-fire piano arpeggios blend with distorted synth lines and classic TR-808 percussion in what's sure to be an interesting new sonic direction for the composer.

In honor of his home country, a portion of the proceeds from On/Off are set to be donated to Lebanese NGO Beit El Baraka. 

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